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Pharmazon was borne out of a need to develop new and innovative solutions to tired and trusted old ways of doing things. Our aim remains to push ourselves on how we can improve the service and industry standards. A management team with 30+ years combined experience in Pharmacy, Wholesale and Manufacturing putting their heads together to develop services and solutions to meet the needs of our customers.
Operating from registered pharmacy premises, focused on delivering private patient home delivery and related services for the healthcare and pharma industry, Pharmazon has grown steadily to be a name associated with trust and quality.

Where we want to be…

Continued growth in the Pharmacy, Wholesale & Manufacturing remain the core pillars of the company. Developing new and innovative products & services to meet the growing needs of healthcare in the UK, EU and further afield.
We welcome enquiries for Pharmacy HomeCare/Dispensing Services from the NHS & Private Sector. As well as Wholesale enquiries from businesses around the globe who are looking for UK wholesalers to source and supply UK and EU products.

Our Planned Growth

We manage our growth carefully as our team expands, to ensure we can take on new business in a smooth and controlled manner. The various divisions work collaboratively so we can pool resources and put in the effort needed when needed to meet the service standards we commit to.
Expansion of our Pharmacy & Wholesale Services with a Northern Pharmacy site in the future from where we will seek to replicate the growth and success of the head office in the South of England.
Manufacturing will play an important part in the future of the company as we recognise the need to be more self sufficient in the UK and we have focussed our efforts on the need for personal protective equipment in the UK front lines. Pharmazon’s own brand of ‘UltraSan’ hand sanitiser products is available now and can be purchased online and through retailers in the UK.

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