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How do pain killers reduce pain?

What are painkillers?

Also known as analgesics, painkiller medications help relieve the pain of varied kinds, including
headaches, injuries and arthritis.
Analgesics are of three main types

● Non-opioid
● Opioid
● Paracetamol

The former is alternatively known as anti-inflammatory analgesics and includes nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), acetaminophen, dipyrone, and others. The latter, on the
other hand, are narcotics. Another aspect of opioids is that they are in two forms - weak and
strong. Sometimes, several painkillers can be combined to form one tablet, for example,
Paracetamol plus codeine (Co-codamol).

Painkillers can get consumed via:
● The mouth - liquids, tablets or capsules
● Injection
● The back passage (rectum) as suppositories

Note that painkillers are also available as creams, ointments and patches.

How do painkillers work?

They help alleviate pain. Unlike anaesthesia, which gets used during surgeries, analgesics do not
turn off the nerves. Nor do they change the ability to sense the surroundings or alter
consciousness. However, when it comes to opioids, the analgesics work by changing the brain’s perception of pain.

Today, opioids can get created in the laboratory too. Some of these are next.
● Codeine
● Fentanyl
● Hydrocodone
● Meperidine

When it comes to anti-inflammatory drugs, the following are some examples:
● Acetaminophen
● Aspirin
● COX inhibitors

Where can you buy painkiller medication?
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The OTC products you can get right away
There are many analgesics available out there. Below is the listicle of the top ten.
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● Ultramol Soluble
● Flarin Capsules
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● Anbesol Liquid