Pharma Nord Bio-Multi Vitamin and Mineral - 150 Tablets

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  • Pharma Nord Bio-Multi Vitamin and Mineral – 150 tablets

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  • Pharma Nord Bio-Multi-Vitamin & Mineral 60 Tablets Antioxidants Well Being


  • Vitamin c ( ascobic acid ) chromium enriched yeast (chromopercise ) bulking agent : Microcrystalline cellulose Magnesium oxide vitamin E(dl-a-tacopheryl asetate d-a- topopheryl acid succinate) zinc (zinc gluconate selenium enriched yeast , anti cracking agent cross linked sodium carboxymenthal cellulose (manganese gluconate ) firming agent silicon dioxide niacin (nicotinamide) vitamin B5 (D- pantotheate calcium) copper ( copper gluconate) vitamin A(retinyl acetate) glazing agent hydroxpropyl methcellulose, vitamin B ( Pyrridoxine hydroxpropyll ) anti cracking agent magnesium salts of fatty acids glazing agent zein vitamin D cholecalciferol, vitamin B folic acid vitamin B biotin .