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Bazuka sub zero warts and verruca 50ml

Bazuka Sub-Zero is a home use freeze treatment for verrucas and warts.

Based on the cryotherapy method used by doctors and healthcare professionals, it works by quickly freezing the verruca or wart to the core in just one treatment.

It may be more suitable for stubborn veruccas and warts, and when a really rapid treatment is desirable

Bazuka Sub-Zero is based on cryotherapy - a recognised 'freezing' method used by doctors and healthcare professionals. It can freeze the wart or verruca to the core in just one treatment and in most cases, after 10 days, the treated wart or verruca will fall off, revealing new skin that has formed beneath.

Category: Footcare



The Freezing Agent Is A Liquified Mixture Of Dimethyl Ether, Propane And Isobutane.

A freezing wart and verruca removal device based on the cryotherapy method.
DOSAGE: Adults and children over 4 years: a single freeze is sometimes enough, although up to 3 applications may be used 2 weeks apart for stubborn lesions such as some verrucas. Under 4 years: not to be used.

How often should you use Bazuka Sub-Zero?
Bazuka Sub-Zero should not be used more than 3 times on individual warts or verrucas, and each freezing application should be at least two weeks apart.


Do not use Bazuka Sub-Zero:

  • On children under the age of 4 years
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding;
  • If you have diabetes or suffer from poor blood circulation to your hands or feet;
  • Anywhere on or near your face, armpits, breasts, bottom or genital (sex) area;
  • On birthmarks, moles, warts with hairs growing from them, or any other spots;
  • On areas where your skin is sensitive, damaged, cut, grazed, diseased or itchy; or
  • At the same time as any other wart or verruca treatment.