Covonia Medicated Sore Throat 5mg/1mg

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Covonia Medicated Sore Throat Lozenges Lemon Flavors

Covonia Sore Throat 5mg/1mg Lozenges Lemon Flavour is for the treatment of sore throat, red throat, and disorders of the pharynx accompanied by irritation. Covonia Medicated Sore Throat Lozenges have a dual-action formula to numb pain and fight infection in the mouth and pharynx, relieving the symptoms of a sore throat.

  • Contains antiseptic to reduce the bacteria that cause inflammation
  • Contains a local pain-killer to numb pain
  • Antibacterial Available in Menthol & Lemon flavour
  • Sugar-free (suitable for diabetics)

Category: Cough, Colds, and Sore Throat

Manufacturer: THORNTON & ROSS LTD

Uses of Covonia Medicated Sore Throat: 
Symptomatic and local treatment at the pharynx. Proposed as a disinfectant and local pain-killer for sore throat and disorders of the pharynx and mouth accompanied by irritation, the presence of lidocaine causes a quick alleviation of the symptoms.

Ingredients of Covonia Medicated Sore Throat:  
Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride 5mg
Lidocaine Hydrochloride 1mg

Dosage of Covonia Medicated Sore Throat: 
Adults: 6-10 lozenges per day, to melt slowly in the mouth. 12-18 years: 3-5 lozenges.
Under 12 years: not to be used.