Nicotinell Mint/Fruit/Liquorice 4mg Chewing Gum 96

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Nicotinell Mint/Fruit/Liquorice 4mg Chewing Gum 96

Nicotinell Mint 4mg medicated chewing-gum is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) which is used to help you to stop smoking. It is available in two strengths (2mg and 4mg) and five flavours (Fruit, mint, Icemint, Liquorice and Classic). Thew chewing gum contains nicotine, which is one of the substances in tobacco. 

Category: Smoking Cessation


Relief of and/or prevention of cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms associated with tobacco dependence. To aid smokers wishing to quit or reduce prior to quitting. To assist smokers who are unwilling or unable to smoke, and as a safer alternative to smoking for smokers and those around them. Can be used in pregnant and lactating women making a quit attempt. Should preferably be used in conjunction with a behavioural support programme.

For smokers of more than 30 cigarettes a day. For those smoking between 20-30 cigarettes a day either the 2mg or 4mg gum may be used depending on personal preference and characteristics.

Nicotine 4mg

Adults and adolescents (12-18 years): 1 piece to be chewed when the urge to smoke is felt following the chewing technique on the pack. Normally 8-12 pieces per day. Maximum 15 pieces in 24 hours. After about 3 months the user should gradually cut down the number of pieces chewed until they have stopped using the product. Liquorice not to be used in pregnancy. Medical advice should be sought for use in adolescents beyond 12 weeks.