Wartner Wart and Verruca Remover 50ml

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Wartner Wart and Verruca Remover 50ml

Wartner Wart And Verruca Remover offer an effective and fast removal of warts and verrucas by freezing them, causing the wart or verruca to fall off within 10 to 14 days. This usually happens after one application, by which time healthy new skin will have formed underneath.

 Skin Care and Antiseptics

Manufacturer: PERRIGO


Device based on cryotherapy method.

Dimethyl Ether

Adults and children over 4 years: saturate the applicator sponge with the cold gas inside the aerosol can for 3 seconds. Wait 20 seconds to reduce the temperature further then apply the sponge to the wart (for 20 seconds) or verruca (for 40 seconds). The wart or verruca should fall off after 10-14 days. Older or larger warts or verrucas may require more than one treatment. If a wart or verruca should remain 2 weeks after treatment, it may be treated a second or third time. Any warts or verrucas bigger than 7.5mm should be referred to a doctor.
4 years and under: not to be used.
Not suitable for people with diabetes or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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