Sleep & Travel

Sleeping & Travel Sickness Medicines:

Feel better sooner with our wide range of popular sleeping and travel sickness tablets. Whether you’re looking for sleep and travel sickness tablets for adults or kids, Pharmazon Direct can help you to deliver these medicines online. As one of the UK’s largest online pharmacy, we work with leading healthcare brands to provide our customers with the best Sleep & Travel medicines to our customers. Check them out today!

Sleeping Tablets: Sleeping pills work best and are safest if you use them for a short time along with lifestyle changes. Research shows that lifestyle and behavior changes are the best long-term choice to help you sleep well. Sleeping pills may have side effects, such as daytime drowsiness and nausea.

Travel Sickness: Tablets for travel sickness can be a particularly effective treatment. Medication works to block the signals from the vestibular system, and therefore dampen the information that conflicts with the other senses. Hysosine, also known as scopolamine or Kwells tablets, acts directly on the vestibular system.

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