Tele Health – Virtual Pharmacist

Pharmazon have developed a technology platform to aid the Pharmacy sector to carry out remote consultations with patients.
Simple and easy to use, it allows the Pharmacist to create a virtual meeting with a patient.

  1. Log in and create a secure session
  2. Share the OTP (One Time Password) with your patient
  3. Patient logs into the session

Simple and Easy to use, it is designed as an immediate free to use tool for the pharmacy sector.

  • HD quality image
  • Stable and secure connection- peer to peer
  • Text notes


Send Prescription

Send us the prescription - scanned and emailed securely or uploaded on our website contact form.

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Arrange Delivery

We will contact you or the patient to confirm the delivery date, time & location to suit your needs.

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Make Payment

Payment can be done over the phone or on the debit/credit card payment link and we will dispense and deliver the medication immediately.

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Explore Our Advantages

Save Money

We aim to be cheaper than high street pharmacies who can mark up medicines up to 50% or more than NHS prices.

Cost Effective

We aim to save you time and effort, the simple process will save you the hassle of traveling from one pharmacy to the next to get your medicines.

Full Stock/inventory

To give clinics & hospitals peace of mind. Pharamazon won't run out of stock with regards to medicines and medical products.