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Our aim is simply to improve the quality of life for patients on long term treatment, giving them additional choice and flexibility with their pharmaceutical care. Whether NHS or Private, our focus is to improve outcomes by working with the clinical team to design a service that ensures the patient gets the right medication and the right time. If we can provide additional support to improve patient care by monitoring and reporting additional aspects of the treatment, within our scope as a pharmacy led service, we will endeavor to do so.

We take our responsibility very seriously as remote patient care requires us to be the ‘eyes & ears’ for the Clinical team in the hospital. Hence, we are investing heavily into the development of a web and app based patient care platform to help us monitor and manage our services. Providing real time access and reporting capabilities to the clinical team for their patients and allowing patients greater control over their prescriptions and re-ordering requirements where appropriate.

An energetic team of individuals forming a focused Pharmacy services team, with nearly 20 years of experience dealing with a range of NHS services within the low-tech homecare sector. Operating from High Wycombe, the pharmacy provides services to patients across the South of England. Ranging from a simple dispensing & delivery service to more involved patient compliance monitoring services, Pharmazon are able to assist. Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm by van or using Royal Mail guaranteed delivery, providing track and trace for deliveries.

We aim to keep it simple and do the basics consistently well, so you can rely upon us and focus on your priorities.


  • Patient Experience
  • Infection Prevention
  • Quality of Care Services
  • High-Risk Procedures
  • Better Safety Measures
  • Standards of Treatment

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