Alere Clearview hCG Pregnancy Test x 20 (N)

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The Alere hCG Easy Pregnacy Test is a rapid diagnostic device for the qualitative detection of hCG in urine. The presence and rapid rise of hCG levels in urine make it an excellent marker for the diagnosis of pregnancy. With proven accuracy of >99% the Alere hCG Easy Pregnancy Test is a cost-effective diagnostic test enabling healthcare professionals to optimize patient care.

Product Features:

  • Rapid results in 3 minutes
  • Proven accuracy of >99%
  • Analytical Sensitivity 25mIU/ml
  • One-step procedure - no additional reagents required
  • Choice of four testing procedures to suit your workflow
  • Plastic cap and casing for hygienic sampling and handling
  • Easy-to-use with minimal training required
  • Built-in quality control
  • Inbuilt procedural control.
  • Room temperature storage.
  • Ability to detect pregnancy on the day of the missed period.


•Testing Method: Lateral Flow
•Time to Result: 3 minutes
•Sample Type: Urine
•Sample Procedure: Pipette
•Shelf Life: 24 months*
•Cut-off level: 25mlU/ml
•Sensitivity: >99%
•Specificity: >99%.