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For those times when you need a little extra protection, for light bladder leaks, there’re ALWAYS DISCREET Incontinence Liners Plus for sensitive bladder. They offer great absorbency (highest absorbency of all ALWAYS DISCREET panty liners) while remaining light and discreet.

Apart from protecting you from light urinary incontinence and providing the highest absorbency of all ALWAYS DISCREET panty liners, ALWAYS DISCREET Panty Liners Plus are designed to lock away wetness and neutralise odours for added freshness. These liners are ultra thin for great comfort. ALWAYS DISCREET Liners Plus are ALWAYS DISCREET's best incontinence liner for sensitive bladder for when you suffer from a weak bladder, or experience unintentional frequent urination.

Features and Benefits
Always Discreet for sensitive bladder. RapidDry and odour lock protection
Thin and flexible, even when wet. Fits discreetly
Unique DualLock core. Helps lock away odour and wetness
Less than 2.5mm thin
Exclusive OdourLock Technology neutralises odours instantly and continuously, Lightly scented
Always Discreet is dermatologically tested
Always Discreet Incontinence Liners are ideal for those managing a sensitive bladder. The pads offer optimum protection, with an ultra-thin design for added comfort. The core locks liquid away and neutralises odours, keeping the user feeling fresh and confident.

Odour Lock Protection

The odour lock protection ensures any odours are instantly and continuously neutralised, and features a light scent for additional freshness.

Thin and Flexible

The pads remain thin and flexible even when wet, ensuring a discreet and comfortable fit. Always Discreet pads are dermatologically tested.