Anusol Soothing Relief Ointment 15g (A)

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Anusol Soothing Relief Ointment 15g

Anusol Soothing Relief Ointment contains added hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and ease the discomfort of uncomplicated internal and external piles (haemorrhoids).
It also contain other active ingredients that calm irritation and soothe the itching associated with piles.

Category: Haemorrhoids and Circulatory

Manufacturer: CHURCH & DWIGHT UK LTD

Symptomatic treatment of uncomplicated internal and external haemorrhoids and pruritus ani.


  • Zinc Oxide 10.75%w/w
  • Hydrocortisone Acetate 0.25%w/w
  • Bismuth Oxide 0.875%w/w
  • Balsam Peru 1.875%w/w
  • Bismuth Subgallate 2.25%w/w
  • Benzyl Benzoate 1.25%w/w
For topical administration. Over 18 years and the elderly: clean and dry affected area. Apply sparingly on a gauze dressing at night, in the morning and after each evacuation. For internal conditions use rectal nozzle provided. Maximum 4 applications in 24 hours. Not to be used for longer than 7 days. Under 18 years: not recommended