Balance Activ BV Treatment - 7 Pessaries (N)

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Balance Activ BV Treatment restores your body's natural balance. Rapid symptom relief. 7 easy-to-use pessaries. Treats & relieves. Works while you sleep.

A naturally working solution to a naturally occurring problem.

Vaginas are naturally acidic, but if pH levels rise over 4.5, it can cause Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) with its unexpected discharge and unusual odours. BV is very common, completely natural and is easily relieved with clinically proven Balance Activ BV treatment pessaries.

How it works:

Balance Activ BV treatment replenishes your body’s natural lactic acid and tops up vaginal glycogen to bring your pH levels back to normal, helping to rapidly relieve BV symptoms.

Suitable for:

Women with bacterial vaginosis.

How to use:

Please read enclosed leaflet before use.

To relieve BV:

Use one pessary a day for seven days. It is recommended to use Balance Activ BV treatment at bedtime so it works while you sleep.

To maintain healthy vaginal pH levels:

Use regularly to help prevent future flare ups of BV. Read the enclosed leaflet for directions.

Hazards and Cautions:

Do not use if pessary is damaged. Do not use if pessary has passed its expiry date. Keep out of reach of children. Contains glycogen from shellfish (mussels). Keep out of reach of children.

Balance Activ BV treatment pessaries is safe to use during pregnancy; however, you should consult your doctor if you think you may have a vaginal infection during pregnancy. Avoid using Balance Activ BV treatment pessaries if you are trying to conceive.


Lactic Acid, Glycogen, Polyethylene, Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide.

About This item:

  • UK'S NUMBER 1 TREATMENT brand for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) based on IRI unit sales, 12 months ending March 2021 – clinically proven so you can expect results
  • EASY-TO-USE: A box contains a 1-week treatment (7 daily doses) of easy-to-use vaginal pessaries; mess-free, discreet and shaped for comfort – ideal for use before bedtime
  • ANTIBIOTIC FREE – lactic acid and glycogen work naturally to restore normal pH and vaginal flora by encouraging the growth of your body’s lactobacilli, a protective bacterium
  • FAST, EFFECTIVE relief from BV symptoms such as embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge, and discomfort, and helps restore and maintain pH balance after your period, sex, exercising or perspiring
  • Read included customer leaflet and safety warnings before use. Do not use if you have a fungal infection, yeast infection, vaginal soreness or other irritation.