Bickiepegs Peggie The Penguin Clip-on Sensory Teething Toy (T)

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Bickiepegs Peggie The Penguin Clip-on Sensory Teething Toy - Teething Toy for Babies - Peggie The Penguin Teether - Teething Rings for Babies and Todd

When it comes to buying the best teethers for your baby, Peggie the Penguin has got you covered. It’ll be all smiles and no tears when your baby grabs a hold of this cute sensory teething ring! Featuring a friendly grey and white soft silicone design, Peggie the Penguin is one of the most adorable teething toys that you can buy for your child. Delivering sensorial playtime and teething relief for your baby all in one.

This effective baby teething toy is fun and unique, encouraging natural touch and vision stimulation for babies over 3 months. It allows access to your child’s front and back teeth (including their molars) to help ease their teething pain when they need it most. As well as providing a fun and comfortable experience for your child, this lovable baby teether and sensory toy has been provided with a miniature penguin safety clip and ribbon to ensure that the toy stays in clean little hands away from the floor.

Since 1925, Bickiepegs have specialised in creating natural baby teething solutions to offer relief to both babies and are loved and trusted by five generations of parents.

Teether toy, clip and ribbon.
Fun and unique design
Supports your child’s development
Suitable for babies over 3 months
Safe to use
Take her anywhere
Created by experts
What makes Peggie so effective?

Peggie’s design is cleverly shaped to encourage your child to comfortably navigate their senses while providing a soothing teething experience. The firm edges and soft surfaces from Peggie’s wings and beak aid in preparing your child’s gum tissue for the natural formation of the tooth pathway.

Is this teething toy safe for my baby?

Complete with its integrated safety features and BPA-free, soft silicone design, you can rest-assured that this baby teething toy will provide comfortable fun and teething relief.