Blepha EyeBag® Warming Eye Mask Relief of Dry,Tired and Sore Eyes (D)

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Blepha EyeBag® Warming Eye Mask Relief of Dry, Tired and Sore Eyes 

The Blepha EyeBag® is made if natural materials and free from additives or plastics.
The Blepha EyeBag® is made of silver silk on one side and a thick black 100% cotton fabric (called moleskin because of its texture) on the other. It is filled with flax seeds (linseed).
Untreated flax seeds are used because of their size, shape, and density. These properties allow the Blepha EyeBag® to settle down into position easily and conform well to the shapes of different faces whilst also retaining warmth well. Flax does not give off an unpleasant odour when warmed in the microwave and there are no aromatic or herb fragrances added to the Blepha EyeBag®. This reduces the risk of sensitivity or allergic irritation of the eyelids from scented volatile oils.
For the first 2 weeks use your Blepha EyeBag® twice a day, morning, and evening, for 5 to 10 minutes each time. After the first 2 weeks, 3 to 4 times a week is usual, but you can adjust the frequency of use according to the severity of your symptoms.
Before using Blepha EyeBag®, ensure that it has no defects. Blepha EyeBag® should only be warmed by a responsible adult.
Remove Blepha EyeBag® from the box and place it on a clean, dry microwaveable plate. Always make certain the dish or plate you use is completely clean as any small food residue can become very hot and these “hot spots” might cause small burns in the Blepha EyeBag® material.

STEP 1: Place Blepha EyeBag® in a microwave as described above and heat according to the power of your microwave as shown below:
Above 750W – heat for 30 seconds
750W and below – heat for 40 seconds
Caution: if your microwave is greater than 1000W, you may need to reduce the time.
Only reheat from room temperature. Further heating a Blepha EyeBag® which is already hot can be dangerous and lead to overheating. Allow the Blepha EyeBag® to cool fully before reheating.
Make sure you only set your microwave for 30 seconds, and not 30 minutes! Stay by your microwave while it is heating. Do not use the metal griddle supplied with some microwaves as this may burn your Blepha EyeBag®
STEP 2: Shake the Blepha EyeBag® to evenly spread the linseeds inside the mask and to help the heat to spread.
STEP 3: Check Blepha EyeBag® is comfortably warm but not too hot before placing it over the closed eyelids. Carefully check the temperature on the grey (silk) side by touching Blepha EyeBag® with your wrist. If it is too hot, wait a few minutes and check the temperature again before applying to the eyes.
STEP 4: When the temperature is comfortably warm, lie back and apply the mask on closed eyes.
Use either side according to preference. Relax with Blepha EyeBag® in place for 5 to 10 minutes.The black side will be cooler, and you may wish to switch to the silk side during the 10 minutes.
STEP 5: Remove Blepha EyeBag® from your eyes. It is normal to observe skin redness after use due to the warming effect of the mask.
STEP 6: Immediately after warming, massage the closed eyelids to release the oil from the Meibomian glands. Repeat this several times for about 30 seconds.
STEP 7: You can also cleanse your eyelids with an eyelid cleansing product and gently massage them, after the use of Blepha EyeBag®.
STEP 8: Always put Blepha EyeBag® back in its box after use to keep it clean, dry, and safe.

When the heated Blepha EyeBag® is applied to the upper face, covering the closed eyelids, it warms through the eyelids, softening and melting the meibomian secretions, releasing them onto the surface of the eye and giving instant relief.
If you use our hydrating dry eye drops like Thealoz® Duo to help relieve the symptoms of dry eye, you would benefit from using the Blepha EyeBag® on the same regular basis.
Some people can have mild dysfunction of the meibomian glands disease while others have more severe meibomian gland problems with chronic long-term inflammation of the eyelids. It is normal to adjust your use of the Blepha EyeBag® depending on the severity of your own personal symptoms.
Your Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Optician, Contact Lens Practitioner or GP may explain to you how severe your own meibomian gland dysfunction is and advise you how often to use the Blepha EyeBag®.
Usually people use the heated Blepha EyeBag® for 5-10 minutes twice a day for the first two weeks and then once a day, as needed, thereafter.