Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel 15g

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Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel

Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel is a fast acting gel that creates a protective film on your baby's gums to help relieve pain, discomfort and inflamamation caused by teething. Contains no artficial sweeteners, flavours, sugar, alcohol, local anaesthetics or parabens. 

Category: Infants and Babies, Analgesics

Manufacturer: RB UK

Bonjela Gel USES: 
To help relieve pain, discomfort and inflammation caused by teething.

Lidocaine hydrochloride 0.33%w/w
Cetalkonium chloride 0.01%w/w

Bonjela Gel DOSAGE: 
Infants and children over 6 months: apply a small amount of gel with a clean little finger to cover the sore area and gently massage the gums. Use 3-5 times per day as required.