Brolene Antibiotic Eye Drops 10ml (P)(N)

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Brolene Antibiotic Eye Drops 

Brolene Eye Drops contain a medicine called propamidine isetionate. This belongs to a group of medicines called disinfectants and antifungals. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria, allowing your body to fight off the infection. It is used for minor infections of the eye or eyelid.

Category: Eye Care 
Manufacturer: SANOFI 

Treatment of acute bacterial conjunctivitis. 

Chloramphenicol 0.5% w/v

Adults, the elderly and children aged 2 years and over: one drop applied to the affected eye every two hours for the first 48 hours then 4 hourly thereafter. To be used during waking hours only. Treatment should continue for five days even if symptoms improve.
Children under 2 years: not to be used.