Calpol Sixplus FastMelts Strawberry - 24 Tablets (P) (D)

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Calpol Sixplus FastMelts Strawberry Tablets

Calpol Six Plus Fastmelts are strawberry flavoured tablets and will relieve pain and/or fever in many conditions including: Cold and flu, headache, toothache, earache, post-immunisation fever, sore throat, other aches and pains.

Features of Calpol Sixplus FastMelts Strawberry 24 Tablets:
  • Contains paracetamol
  • For pain and fever
  • Strawberry flavour 

Category: Analgesics

Manufacturer: JOHNSON & JOHNSON (McNEIL)
Treatment of mild to moderate pain such as headache, tooth pain, earache and sore throat, cold and flu and as an antipyretic (e.g. fever associated with colds and flu).

Paracetamol 250mg

Tablet should be placed on tongue where it will rapidly disperse to a pleasant tasting paste that can easily be ingested. Alternatively the tablet can be dispersed in a teaspoon of water or milk.
Over 16 years: 2-4 tablets.
12-16 years: 2-3 tablets.
9-12 years: 2 tablets.
6-9 years: 1 tablet. Leave at least 4 hours between doses.
Maximum of 4 doses in 24 hours.
Under 6 years: not recommended.