Canesten Thrush External Cream 2% w/w - 20g (P) (A)

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Canesten Thrush External Cream 2% w/w Cream Clotrimazole 

Canesten is the UK’s #1 thrush treatment brand. The double-strength Canesten Thrush External Cream (compared to Canesten1% cream) provides an effective soothing relief for the external symptoms of thrush, such as itching, burning, redness and soreness.

6 main symptoms:

  • Itching 

  • Swelling 

  • Redness 

  • Unusual discharge 

  • Burning 

  • Soreness 

Thrush doesn’t usually change the pH level and has no odour.

Category: Skin Care and Antiseptics

Manufacturer: BAYER PLC


Treatment of candidal vulvitis. It should be used as an adjunct to treatment of candidal vaginitis. Can also be used for treatment of sexual partner's penis to prevent re-infection.

Clotrimazole 2%w/w

16-60 years: apply thinly 2 or 3 times daily and rub in gently. Treatment should be continued for up to 1 week after treating the internal infection in women and for 2 weeks in men. However, if after concomitant treatment of the vaginitis, the symptoms do not improve within seven days, the patient should consult a physician.
Under 16 and over 60 years: not recommended except on medical advice.