Canesten Thrush Internal Vaginal Cream 5g (P)

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Canesten Thrush Internal Vaginal Cream

Canesten Thrush Internal Cream is asoothing treatment that is delivered in a no-mess pre-filled applicator.If you would prefer to not use a pessary but want to treat the infection at the source, this may be a good option for you. The soothing vaginal cream is a good alternative for women who prefer not to use a pessary.

Category: Skin Care and Antiseptics

Manufacturer: BAYER PLC

USES: Treatment of candidal vaginitis (thrush).

INGRDEDIENTS: Clotrimazole 10%w/w

16-60 years: contents of the pre-filled applicator (5g) to be inserted into the vagina, preferably at night. Under 16 and over 60 years: not recommended except on medical advice.