Canestest Self Test for Vaginal Infections

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Also known as Canestest, this testing kit from Canesten is a self-testing kit that is used to test for infections such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis (BV).

This Canesten self-test kit works by testing the pH level in the vagina. Naturally, the vagina has an acidic pH level. This allows for the bacteria, good and bad, to be kept in check. If the pH level is higher than normal, then it is likely that you have BV. If it is a normal acidic level, then you most probably have thrush if you are experiencing any discomfort. Canestest has a 90% accuracy rate.

Using the Canestest self-test kit is as simple as using a tampon. To get the best results, make sure that you do not use it one day before or after your period. You should not use the self-test kit for 12 hours after sex or washing.

To use this Canesten Self-Test kit:
Unwrap the swab, and ensure it does not touch anything.
Insert the yellow tip into your vagina and leave it in for 10 seconds before removing it.
Check the colour of the tip to see if it has stayed yellow or changed to blue or green.