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Carnation Corn Caps

Remove hard and painful corns with the help of these Corn Cap plasters from Carnation Footcare. The felt pad design relieves pressure while the salicylic acid-infused formula penetrates and softens hardened skin.

  • At-home corn removal remedy
  • Clinically proven to remove corns within 10-days of treatment
  • Self-adhesive plaster
  • Includes 5 medicated plasters

  • Category: Footcare

    Manufacturer: CUXSON GERRARD & CO LTD

    Removal of hard corns. No more than 3 corns to be treated at any one time.

    Salicylic Acid 40%w/w

    Adults over 15 years: a medicated dressing is placed over the corn and left in place. Change the corn cap every 2 days until the corn is easily removed. A maximum of 5 corn caps should be used per corn. Not to be used by: diabetics, pregnant women, anyone allergic to peanut or soya, people with severe circulatory disorders or those under 15 years of age except on medical advice. Contains peanut oil.