Cuprofen Maximum Strength 24 Tablets (P)

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Cuprofen Maximum Strength 24 Tablets

Cuprofen Maximum Strength Tablets help to relieve a migraine and headache, and also work for the symptomatic relief of colds, flu, and feverishness. These tablets also helps to find relief from the pain of rheumatic, muscular, dental and period pains and pain in a backache, lumbago, fibrositis or neuralgia.

Category: Analgesics

Manufacturer: RB UK

For the relief of rheumatic, muscular, dental and period pains and pain in backache, neuralgia, migraine and headache, and for symptomatic relief of colds, flu and feverishness.

Ibuprofen 400mg

Over 12 years: 1 tablet every 4 hours with water after food. Maximum 3 tablets in 24 hours. Under 12 years: not to be given.

Is Cuprofen stronger than ibuprofen?
Cuprofen contains 400mg of Ibuprofen which is the same amount of ibuprofen that would be contained in two regular tablets. Taking over the stated dose of any medication can increase the chances of unwanted and more serious side effects.

How many Cuprofen can you take?
Adults and adolescents aged 12 years and over should take one Cuprofen max strength tablet up to three times a day as needed. Leave at least four hours between doses and don't take more than three tablets in 24 hours.