Dentinox Baby Scalp Oil 30ml

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Dentinox Baby Scalp Oil 30ml

Dentinox Baby Scalp Oil Nourishes baby’s delicate skin and can be used From 3 months it contains Rosehip Oil, Chamomile and Vitamin E, it moisturises and nourishes skin and scalp. Absorbs quickly and the nourishing plant oils help soften dry skin on the scalp.

Category: Infants and Babies, Antacids and Gastrointestinal
Manufacturer: DDD LTD

For the gentle relief of wind and griping pains in infants caused by the accumulation of ingested air.

Activated Dimeticone 21mg

Infants from birth onwards: 2.5ml with or after each feed. May be added to the infant's bottle or given directly from the syringe. Maximum 15ml (6 doses) in 24 hours

Dentinox Baby Scalp Oil includes a blend of nourishing botanical oils. It also contains Vitamin E, which conditions and protects the skin and chamomile, which is both calming and soothing. Dentinox’ Baby Scalp Oil moisturises and nourishes babies’ delicate skin on their scalp and has been dermatologically tested. It absorbs quickly and the nourishing plant oils help soften dry skin on the scalp.

  • Moisturises and nourishes skin on the scalp of babies
  • Naturally derived nourishing oil made with ingredients including chamomile and Rosehip Oil
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Absorbs quickly and the nourishing plant oils help soften dry skin on the baby’s scalp
  • Suitable for use on dry skin
  • Suitable from 3 months

How do you use Dentinox scalp oil?

Pour a little oil into your hands or directly onto your baby's scalp. Gently massage the oil into the scalp to moisturise dry skin, using a soft baby brush on the scalp to distribute evenly. caution: for external use only.

Can you oil a baby scalp?

If the scales don't loosen easily, rub petroleum jelly or a few drops of mineral oil onto your baby's scalp. Let it soak into the scales for a few minutes, or hours if needed. Then brush and shampoo your baby's hair as usual. If you leave the oil in your baby's hair, the cradle cap may get worse.

Is Dentinox good for cradle cap?

Gentle enough for regular use. Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo may be used to treat cradle cap. It can be used as a general shampoo once cradle cap has been treated, to maintain the cleanliness and health of your baby's scalp and hair.