Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo 250ml (P) (A)

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Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo

Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo is recommended if you suffer from scaly scalp conditions, such as dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis. Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo is effective at lifting and washing away scale leaving you with a clear scalp.

Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo contains an active ingredient to combat the yeast that can make your scalp condition worse. Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo also contains coconut oil which is well-known to a beneficial scalp conditioner so your scalp will not only become clearer but conditioned so scaling should occur less.

Category: Hair and Scalp


For the treatment of severe dandruff and other seborrhoeic scalp conditions where there is scaling and dandruff.

INGREDIENTS: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.5%w/w


Adults, elderly and children: wet the hair. Apply a small amount of the shampoo to the scalp and, with the tips of the fingers, rub in thoroughly. Remove as much lather as possible with the hands, before rinsing thoroughly under running water. Repeat if necessary.