Duphalac Lactulose Liquid 300ml

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Duphalac Lactulose Liquid 300ml

Dulphalac is a laxative that contains Lactulose which is used to treat constipation.

Lactulose is not metabolised or absorbed by the body and the substance helps pull water into the colon, softening the stool.

Lactulose also works by promoting peristalsis, pushing food through the digestive system.

This laxative syrup is suitable to be used by adults and children, including infants.


Use this liquid with a spoon or measuring cup. You can mix it with water or juice if needed. Swallow immediately, as this mixture contains sugars and it could lead to tooth decay.

Duphalac can take 2-3 days to start working. The recommended dosages are:

Adults and children aged 14 and over:

Use 15-45ml, to begin with. After this, it can be adjusted to 15-30ml as needed

Children 7-14:

Start with 15ml, and this can be dropped to 10ml if necessary.

Children 1-6:

Give 5-10ml a day

Children under 1 year of age:

Give 5ml only. This medicine should not be used without medical advice.

If problems still persist when using this liquid, speak to a doctor.