Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 5% Urea Replenishing Body Wash 400ml

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Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 5% Replenishing Body Wash is a gentle, replenishing and effective body wash and cleanser for very dry, rough skin. Daily use will help to moisturise dry skin, and protect the skins natural barrier to ensure your skin doesn't dry out.

This body wash contains gentle cleansers, free from alkali detergents, to provide a more gentle washing experience, and is enriched with Urea and natural moisturising factors (NMFs) help to ensure the skin is able to bind moisture in the upper layer of skin, helping to lock-in and rehydrate skin, reducing dryness and irritation.

The body wash is also suitable for mature skin and suitable for people who may be prone to Psoriasis.

- fragrance-free
- soap-free
- colourants-free