Eucryl Toothpowder Freshmint Flavour 50g (D)

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Smiling helps make you look younger, elevates your mood and induces more pleasure in the brain more than chocolate! That's why it's keen to avoid stained teeth and to keep them sparkling all day long. Eucryl Toothpowder stain remover helps keep your teeth stain free, with the unique polishing action tackling not only tobacco stains but also tea, coffee and even red wine stains. Eucryl Toothpowder is tough on stains, gentle on gums and also leaves your mouth tasting clean and refreshed.

Combine all the power of Original Eucryl Toothpowder with the clean lively zing of fresh mint, and you have Eucryl Toothpowder Freshmint. No hard brushing is required to set the fine powder's natural abrasive into action. Eucryl Toothpowder's unique polishing action tackles tobacco, tea, coffee and even red wine stains head on, and leaves your teeth looking clean, smooth and bright and your mouth tasting minty fresh.


  • Wet toothbrush and shake off surplus water.
  • Press into powder.
  • Brush your teeth in the way your dentist recommends.
  • For powerful stain removal, it's only necessary to use Eucryl Toothpowder once or twice a week in addition to your usual toothpaste. Avoid use on damaged teeth. Always replace the lid and press firmly to close to preserve freshness.


Eucryl's unique polishing action helps remove stubborn stains caused by smoking, tea, coffee or red wine, leaving teeth bright and feeling incredibly smooth and clean.


Calcium Carbonate,Aqua,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,Flavour,Sodium Saccharin,Aluminum Hydroxide,CI 19140,CI 42090.