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GlucoRx Lancets Pack of 200

What are GlucoRx Lancets (200pcs)?
This product contains 200 sterile, single-use lancets, ideal to use with your GlucoRx devices. Lancing device included.

Which lancet do I need for my lancing device?
The type of lancet you’ll need to use with your lancing device will depend on the device itself.
Some lancing devices are designed to be used with universal lancets, giving you more options as you find the most comfortable and effective lancets for you.
On the other hand, some lancing devices need to use specific lancets from the same manufacturer. If you’re not sure which lancet you need for your lancing device, take a look at the information leaflet that came with your device, this will let you know where to find the right lancets.

How can I test my blood sugar at home?
You can test your blood sugar at home by using a traditional home glucose monitoring system, where you prick your finger to draw out a drop of blood to put on the test strip.
Place the strip into the meter that displays the blood sugar levels and record the level in case your healthcare provider needs to see the results.
Having a blood sugar reader at home enables you to check your sugar levels multiple times a day, helping you to keep an eye on your results so your healthcare provider can let you know how much medication to take.

How do I safely dispose of single-use lancets?
It’s very important to dispose of single-use lancets or any other sharps safely and responsibly. If you have diabetes and are monitoring your blood sugar at home, your GP can prescribe a sharps bin which you can use to dispose of your used lancets safely. When your bin is full, you can arrange for it to be collected and disposed of by your local council.