Hedrin All in One Shampoo - 100ml (N)

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Hedrin All in One Shampoo 100ml

Hedrin All in One Shampoo is a head lice treatment that combines all aspects of treating head lice into one simple to use the product. This shampoo treatment contains ingredients that help to kill lice and make removing eggs much easier. There is no nasty odour to this shampoo, and it does not contain any pesticides, which the lice could become immune to. This product includes the shampoo as well as a comb.

Category: Hair and Scalp

Manufacturer: THORNTON & ROSS LTD

Kills head lice and aids removal of eggs.

Adults and children over 1 year: apply shampoo to dry hair from root to tip. Leave on for no longer than 5 minutes. Wet hair to make a lather. Rinse out and comb through a section at a time to remove lice and eggs, sliding the comb provided from root to tip, making sure that the hair runs through the base of the teeth of the comb.