Hush Plugz DIY Foam Ear Plugs 4 Pairs (A)

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Hushplugz Foam are built to high standards for optimum performance. They have a 35dB noise reduction for protection in the home or at work. They also sport a bright green colour so that they are easy to identify during compliance checks.

When your ears are exposed to loud noises this can cause damage that can lead to loss of hearing. Any sound that is louder that 85 decibels can damage your ears, even some of the most common noises can reach that volume such a power drill, lawnmower, loud music in a pub or sporting events.

Hush Plugz foam earplugs work by expanding to fill your ear canal and fitting to the unique shape of your ear. This action helps to block loud noise from entering the ear, reducing the decibel level that enters your inner ear and helping to prevent hearing damage.

Features and benefits:

  • Highly effective noise reduction - SNR 35dB
  • CE marked, BS EN 352-2:2002 compliant product for optimum performance
  • Ideal for sleeping, relaxing, DIY, working, motorsport spectators and outdoor recreation
  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Durable, pocket sized carry case
  • Attractive and informative pack design for maximum impact
  • Retail ready shelf packaging with euro hook slots to aid merchandising


Durable, pocket sized carry case including 4 pairs.

Usage and Instructions:

  • Roll your Hush Plugz earplugs between your finger, compressing them into a thin cylinder.
  • Pull the outer ear up and away from the head to open the ear canal and insert the earplug into the ear while it is still compressed.
  • Hold the earplug in place with your finger until it expends and fills the ear canal.