Lyclear Creme Rinse - 59ml

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Lyclear Cream Rinse Kids Head Lice Treatment - 59ml

Lycear Creme Rinse is head lice treatment that works by killing head lice and their eggs. Head lice can be a troublesome pest, especially for children as they can be easily spread from person to person in places such as schools. The easy-to-use formula is simple to apply and can kill head lice and their eggs in 10 minutes.

Category: Hair and Scalp

Manufacturer: PERRIGO

Treatment of head lice infections.

Permethrin 1%w/w

Adults and children 6 months and over: shampoo hair, rinse, towel dry. Apply enough creme to saturate scalp and hair, leave for 10 minutes. Rinse, comb and dry.
Not recommended for children below 6 months except under medical supervision.