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Lyclear Lotion 100ml

Lyclear Lotion treatment is the first head lice treatment that is gentle to both your hair and skin, while being clinically proven to kill 100% of head lice and eggs in on application.

Easy to apply and effective in 15 minutes Lyclear treatment lotion attaches itself to the respiratory orifices of head lice and eggs to suffocate and consequently dehydrate them making them inactive in all stages of their life. 

Category: Hair and Scalp

Manufacturer: PERRIGO

Treatment of headlice infections.

Lyclear Lotion INGREDIENTS: 
Mineral Oil


Lyclear Lotion DOSAGE: 
From 6 months: apply evenly onto dry hair, covering all the hair and scalp. Massage in well from roots to tips paying particular attention to the neck and behind the ears. Leave for 15 minutes. Before washing the hair, comb thoroughly with included comb to remove dead lice and eggs. Regularly clean the comb. Wash hair with a normal shampoo. Check dry hair for lice again after 7 days. Repeat treatment if necessary.