Niquitin Mini 1.5mg Mint Lozenge - 100 Pack (D)

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 Niquitin Mini 1.5mg Mint Lozenge 100 Pack

  • Effective on the go relief from cravings
  • NiQuitin Mini Lozenges can help you successfully quit by relieving cravings. Providing on-the-go relief, they can help you cut down or stop smoking altogether. These small mint flavoured lozenges effectively relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. In a handy pocket-sized container, they easily fit in your pocket and provide support when needed.
  • When you get sudden cravings, take NiQuitin Minis Lozenges. The small, mint-flavoured lozenges come in a handy on-the-go pack, offering relief from nicotine cravings, to reduce your cigarette cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.
  • If you quit smoking, the first thing you are likely to notice is an intense and uncontrolled desire for a cigarette. It is also likely that you will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia and nervousness. NiQuitin helps you manage this and is especially for those who want to:
  • Quit smoking for good
  • Temporarily withdraw from smoking
  • Reduce smoking
  • The box of NiQuitin Mini's is designed to look and feel like a lighter, giving your hands a familiar shape to hold. So the next time you have an urge to smoke, reach for NiQuitin Minis instead of your lighter.
  • The advantages of NiQuitin Mini Lozenges
  • Relieves withdrawal symptoms on the go
  • Handy and discrete pocket-sized container
  • Dissolves in just 10 minutes
  • NiQuitin is one of the leading brands in nicotine replacement therapy***. No matter how determined you are, managing your cravings on willpower alone can be extremely difficult. NiQuitin can help make it easier whether you want to quit one day at a time or quit one cigarette at a time. The successful NiQuitin range consists of different variants for whether you're trying to cut or first reduce down.
  • NiQuitin Minis Mint Lozenges - Starts to relieve cravings in just 3 minutes*
  • NiQuitin Mint Lozenges - Effective craving relief even after the lozenge is gone
  • NiQuitin Clear Patch - Provides 24 hours of controlled nicotine release
  • *4mg Only
  • NiQuitin and the Minis device are trade marks of Elan Pharma International Ltd.
  • For those who smoke 20 cigarettes or less a day
  • Helps overcome your urge to smoke
  • On-the-go craving relief


Nicotine, Mannitol (E421), Sodium Alginate, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Bicarbonate, Calcium Polycarbophil, Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous, Acesulfame Potassium, Taste Masking Flavour 031431, Peppermint Flavour 022173, Menthol Flavour 020184, Magnesium Stearate


Do not store above 30°C. Keep lozenges in the original package.

Preparation and Usage

  • Using Minis at regular intervals gives your body the nicotine it needs to help you stop smoking.
  • When you're ready to reduce or quit smoking, follow the 3-step programme:
  • Step 1: Start with 8 to 12 mini lozenges per day, for a maximum period of 6 weeks. Up to a maximum of 15 Lozenges per day.
  • Step 2: Reduce the number of mini lozenges, depending on your need to smoke.
  • Step 3: Once you take 1-2 mini-lozenge tablets a day, try to stop using them altogether.
  • If you have smoked a cigarette or two while following a treatment course of NiQuitin Minis Lozenge but still want to quit, you can carry on using NiQuitin Minis as normal. If you have gone back to smoking, set a new quit date and try again when you're ready. Or, if you feel that giving up straight away is too big a step, you can use the lozenges to help you cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke to aid you to stop completely.
  • Which NiQuitin Minis Lozenges strength is right for you?
  • If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day: 4 mg
  • If you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day: 1.5 mg
  • For an unbeatable way of Quitting*, combine NiQuitin Patches with NiQuitin Minis or Lozenges as it provides a system of craving management that helps throughout the day and at those times when cravings strike.
  • **Provides significant improvement in quit rate vs patch alone


  • Keep out of sight and reach of children
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Do not use if you are a non-smoker, occasional smoker or under 12 years old.
  • Do not store above 30 degrees
  • Do not exceed a maximum of 15 lozenges per day

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