Numark 1% Eye Ointment, 4g

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Acute conjunctivitis is a bacterial infection known as 'red eye', with symptoms including reddening of the white part of the eye and a sticky discharge appearing in the eye in the mornings. This and other eye infections can be treated with the antibiotic ointment Chloramphenicol. To combat infections such as bacterial conjunctivitis, Numark Chloramphenicol 1% w/w Eye Ointment can be applied directly into the eye where the bacteria causing the infection are located.

Key features of Numark 1% w/w Eye Ointment:

  • Topical ointment for administration to the eye
  • Contain an antibiotic called chloramphenicol
  • Used to treat acute bacterial conjunctivitis
  • 4g tube
  • Suitable for adults and children 2 year old and over