Nurofen Ibuprofen Targeted Pain Relief 96 Tablets (P) (A)

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Nurofen Ibuprofen Targeted Pain Relief 96 Tablets helps relieve aches of the head and the body, as well as preventing illnesses like cold and flu symptoms.

  • Migraine-headache
  • Backache
  • Period Pain
  • Dental Pain
  • Rheumatic Pain
  • Muscular Pain
  • Non-serious arthritic pain
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Feverishness

Do not take if you:

  • Have a stomach ulcer, perforation or bleeding.
  • Are allergic to ibuprofen, to any of the ingredient, or to aspirin or other painkillers.
  • Are taking other NSAID pain killers or aspirin with a daily dose above 75mg.


Each tablet contains Ibuprofen 200 mg, Sucrose, Sodium Citrate, talk, Croscarmellose Sodium, Stearis Acid, Titaniu, Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Acacia, Carmellose Sodium, Sodiu, Laurilsulphate, Macrogol and Blank Ink(contains Shellac, Iron Oxide Black (E172) and Propylene Glycol) or Opacode S -1 -8152 HV Black (contains Shellac, Iron Oxide Black (E172, Antifoam DC1510 and Soya Lecithin