Otrivine Adult Nasal Spray 10ml (N)

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 Otrivine Adult Metered Dose Nasal Spray 10ml


Otrivin 0.1% Metered Dose Nasal Spray contains the active ingredient, Xylometazoline hydrochloride, which unblocks your nose by reducing swelling of the mucosa. It also helps sinus drainage so mucus can be drained out, easing painful sinus pressure.

Otrivin Nasal Spray should be administered as follows: 1 spray in each nostril up to 3 times per day.


1. Clear your nose.
2. Lean forward slightly and insert the nozzle into a nostril.
3. Spray and breathe in gently through the nose at the same time.
4. Repeat for the other nostril.

If cold symptoms persist or worsen consult your doctor or pharmacist. To avoid the possible spread of infection, only one person should use each pack.

CATEGORY: Cough, Colds, and Sore Throat


Uses of Otrivin Nasal Spray:
Symptomatic relief of nasal congestion, perennial and allergic rhinitis (including hay fever), sinusitis

For adults and children over 12 years old. Otrivin 0.1% Metered Dose Nasal Spray is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of nasal congestion.


You should not use Otrivin 0.1% Metered Dose Nasal Spray for more than 7 consecutive days. It should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless your doctor recommends it.

You should also consult your doctor before using the spray if you have any of the following medical problems:
· high blood pressure
· heart disease
· overactive thyroid
· diabetes
· phaeochromocytoma
· enlarged prostate
· benign tumor (pheochromocytoma)

If you are being treated for depression with Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, then you should also consult your doctor.

Ingredients of Otrivin Nasal Spray:
Xylometazoline Hydrochloride 0.1% w/v

Dosage of Otrivin Nasal Spray:
Over 12 years: 1 spray in each nostril 1-3 times daily.
Not to be used for more than 7 consecutive days.
Under 12 years: not to be used.