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Paludrine 100mg Tablets

Paludrine is a medication used to prevent malaria. This product contains Hydrochloride, which belongs to a group of medicines called antimalarials. Anti-malarials can be used in certain parts of the world to give some degree of protection against malaria in certain countries. This product can also be prescribed by a doctor to help suppress some types of malaria.

Category: Sleep and Travel, Infants and Babies



For the prevention and suppression of malaria.

Non-immune subjects entering a malarious area are advised to begin daily treatment with Paludrine 1 week before, or if this is not possible, then at least 2 days before entering the malarious area. The daily dose should be continued throughout exposure to risk and for 4 weeks after leaving the area. Tablets should be taken with water, after food, at the same time each day.

Over 14 years: two tablets daily.
9-14 years: one and a half tablets daily.
5-8 years: one tablet daily. 1-4 years: half a tablet daily.
Under 1 year: one quarter of a tablet daily.