Pharma Nord Bio Carotene 150 Capsules

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Pharma Nord Bio Carotene 150 Capsules

  • Food supplement
  • Each capsule contains the vitamin A equivalent of 1500 microgm (approximately 180% of the Recommended Daily Allowance).
  • Manufactured under pharmaceutical control
  • Designed to withstand stomach acidity in order to ensure optimum absorption in the small intestine.
  • 9 mg of Beta Carotene per capsule (equivalent to 4 large carrots)

Safety Information: 

Do not exceed recommended amount. Should not be taken by heavy smokers. Not suitable for vegetarians. Pregnant and lactating women and those on medication should seek professional advice prior to taking supplements. Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Best before date printed on flap. Keep out of reach of children. 


Bulking agent: Soya bean oil Capsule shell: Gelatine Bulking agent: Hydrogenated Soya Bean oil (partly hydrogenated) Humectant: Glycerol Vitamin A: (Beta-Carotene) Thickner: Silicon dioxide.


1 capsule per day or as directed by a physician. To be taken after food. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

What is Beta Carotene?

Beta Carotene is a member of the carotenoid family of plant pigments. It is also known as pro-vitamin A, as it is converted by the body into vitamin A. Vitamin A only occurs in animal tissues (particularly liver, fish liver and dairy products), whereas Beta Carotene occurs in plant tissues (particularly carrots).

Why do customers take Beta Carotene?

Beta Carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A (retinol). Vitamin A contributes to maintaining normal skin, vision, immune functioning and mucous membranes.

How does Beta Carotene work?

Bio-Carotene contains 9mg of Beta Carotene per capsule (equivalent to 4 large carrots) in an easily digestible and stable form. Manufactured in an oil matrix to keep it stable and to ensure good bioavailability. Studies document that Beta Carotene supplement form has better bioavailability than when you get it from vegetables.