Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Active Q10 30 mg 150 Capsules (T)

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Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Active Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiquinone) is a Vitamin like substance which plays a vital role in the body.

Natural Q10 levels decrease with age, and are also depleted by intense physical exercise or illness.
In addition, Co-enzyme Q10 levels are also depleted if taking Statin drugs, which are now available without prescription.
Although Statins can be very effective in lowering blood levels of potentially harmful LDL Cholesterol, these drugs also interfere with the natural processing of Co-enzyme Q10 within the body.

Co-enzyme Q10 works within the body in conjunction with Enzymes (hence the name) to convert sugars and fat into Energy.
Tissues with a high energy requirement (Heart, skeletal Muscles) are particularly dependant on adequate supply of Co-enzyme Q10.

Up to three capsules daily.

Soya Bean Oil - Gelatin - Glycerol - Ubiquinone (Co-enzyme Q10) - Antioxidant: d-alpha-Tocopherol - Colour: Iron oxides.

Recommended Use;
1-3 capsules to be taken per day or as directed by a physician.
To be taken with food.