Pharma Nord K-Pearls Bio-Vitamin K2 - 60 Capsules - MK-7 Menaquinone 75mcg

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  • Highly bioavailable and stable K2 MK-7
  • Highly bioactive- 100% 'trans' form
  • K2 form with published safety documentation
  • High purity- allergen (and soy) free!
  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards - Oil capsules for maximum digestive absorption - Easy to swallow pearls

Product description

K-Pearls are small, soft gelatin capsules with 75 μg of pure vitamin K2 (Menaquinon MK-7) in each capsule. The vitamin K2 is dissolved in cold-pressed olive oil to improve the absorption. The capsule size makes them easy to swallow, but they can also be chewed. Take K-Pearls with a meal.


One capsule contains: Vitamin K2 75 µg


Pharma Nord recommends 1-2 capsules per day, with each capsule containing 75mcg of vitamin K2 or as your health professional advises. There is no Nutritional Reference Value for vitamin K2. The dosage range above has been used in many randomised controlled clinical trial studies, which have established the efficacy and safety of vitamin K2.

Safety Warning

People prescribed blood thinning medications such as warfarin should seek medical advice before taking supplemental vitamin K2.