PULMOCLEAR Sterile Isotonic 0.9% NaCl Inhalation Sterile Saline Solution 20*2.5ML(D)

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PULMOCLEAR Sterile Isotonic 0.9% Sodium Chloride Inhalation Sterile Saline Solution 20*2.5ML

PULMOCLEAR Inhalation Solution is used for moistening the upper and lower respiratory passages by spraying with an electrically operated jet nebuliser or ultrasonic nebuliser; e.g. as a supplementary measure for the treatment of colds (e.g. cough or head cold),reduced humidity typical of spending long periods in air-conditioned or heated rooms.
PULMOCLEAR Inhalation Solution restores sufficient moisture to the mucous membranes of your respiratory passages, preventing the discomfort of them drying out. This supports the natural cleaning process of the respiratory tract, a noticeably positive contribution in cases of inflammation as well as in cases of increased exposure to dust and air pollution (e.g. caused by dust or tobacco smoke).
PULMOCLEAR Inhalation Solution is not subject to any age limit restrictions and may therefore also be administered to small children.
Isotonic Saline Solution (Sodium chloride 0.9 %) Inhalation solution for respiratory tract humidification

  • Sterile Solution For Improvement Of Respiratory Tract Function: Pulmoclear sterile isotonic 0.9% sodium chloride saline solution is used for the humidification of the upper and lower airways.
  • Pulmoclear Isotonic 0.9% Sodium Chloride Inhalation Saline Solution: Comes with 20 single-use pre-measured 2.5ml Preservative and additive-free sterile saline vials. 4 Strips of 5 vials i.e 20 units per container.
  • Sterile product: Sterilized using Aseptic Processing technique and preservative free

How To Use:
Depending on the need, up to four vials per day can be used (with one vial per inhalation). Break off a unit-dose vial and open it by twisting off the top, Pour the solution into the nebulizer.

Content: 1 ml contains: Sodium chloride 0.9 %, water for injections

Precautions and warning:
Do not Inject.
Do not use the product if the ampoule is damaged.
Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
For single use only; as PULMOCLEAR Inhalation Solution does not contain preservatives, any solution not used immediately after opening, should be discarded.
Do not use the PULMOCLEAR Inhalation Solution beyond the expiry date which you can find on each ampoule and on the folding box.
PULMOCLEAR Inhalation Solution is filled in small plastic ampoules that could be swallowed by small children.
Keep PULMOCLEAR Inhalation Solution out of the reach of children.