Regenovex Actiflex - 30 Capsules

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Regenovex Actiflex Capsules

Regenovex Actiflex is a unique, technically advanced formulation for men and women containing: Marine Bionovex® Oil + Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Bionovex Oil® is a unique patented marine oil derived from Green Lipped Mussels containing ETA (eicosatetraenoid acid), an Omega-3 fatty acid. The Green Lipped Mussels used in Bionovex® Oil are harvested and sourced only from the clean, clear and fresh waters of New Zealand. The role of synovial fluid is to lubricate and cushion. HA is a key component of synovial fluid, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Regenovex has been developped by Mentholatum, specialists in family healthcare, supporting active lives, sporting lives and later in life. Includes functional ingredients from natural sources.

Vitamins, Minerals and Nutritionals


Bionovex Oil 50mg
Hyaluronic Acid 12.5mg
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

Two capsules a day with a cold drink for the first 10 days, reduced to one capsule a day.