Rennie Deflatine Tablets
Rennie Deflatine
Rennie Deflatine 18 Tablets

Rennie Deflatine 18 Tablets (A)

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Rennie Deflatine Tablets

Rennie Deflatine works by gently dispersing the bubbles of gas that cause the embarrassing symptoms of trapped wind, such as bloating, gurgling and flatulence. It has been formulated with simethicone, a highly effective ingredient which works gently on trapped air bubbles without embarrassment. This product also has Rennie’s antacid properties to neutralise the excess acid which causes symptoms of indigestion and heartburn.


1. Effective relief from trapped wind and belatedness
2. Contains Simethicone – a highly effective ingredient which relieves painful trapped wind by acting gently to disperse the trapped air bubbles, helping to eliminate the symptoms discreetly & without embarrassment
3. Also works to neutralise excess stomach acid directly at the source - relieving heartburn & indigestion
4. Suitable for use during pregnancy & breast-feeding

Category: Antacids and Gastrointestinal
Manufacturer: BAYER PLC


For effective relief of indigestion, heartburn and painful trapped wind.

Calcium Carbonate 680mg
Simethicone 25mg
Magnesium Carbonate Heavy 80mg

Over 12 years: 1 or 2 tablets sucked or chewed as required. Maximum 11 tablets in 24 hours.
Under 12 years: not recommended.