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 Plastic Eye Bath | Eye-Care First Aid | Safe+Sound Health

Safe and Sound Health’s Plastic Eye Bath can help you quickly and easily wash out any foreign objects from the eye. Used with either water or sterile saline solution, our eye bath can help to flush objects out and rinse the eye.

A plastic eye bath is a worthwhile addition to any first aid kit and for using in an emergency. Use the eye bath with either water or sterile saline solution to rinse the eye or flush out any foreign objects.
Made from high-quality plastic
An essential item in every first aid kit
Shaped to fit around the eye comfortably
Please refer to packaging before use

When rising or washing the eyes use either an eyewash solution or sterilised water. Tap water can contain harmful bacteria that will further irritate your eyes.
Fill the eyebath eye bath either sterile water or an eyewash solution
Tilting your head down towards the cup, position the eye bath snugly against your eye socket.
While holding the cup against your eye socket, tilt your head back
Look around a circular motion and blink.
Repeat if necessary.
Avoid wiping or rubbing your eye when drying your face. Simply pat your face dry.