Salonpas Pain Relief Patch Pack - 3 (A)

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Salonpas Pain Relief Patch Pack

Salonpas Pain Relief Patches are the first and only FDA Approved Over The Counter topical pain patches for the temporary relief of mild to moderate muscles and joints aches and pains associated with arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises and simple backache. Salonpas Pain Relief Patches are manufactured using ultra thin Comfort Stretch technology that provides effective pain relief for up to 12 hours. 

Category: Analgesics

Manufacturer: HISAMITSU UK LTD

For pain associated with muscles, joints, strains and sprains.

Methyl Salicylate 105mg
Levomenthol 31.5mg

18 years and over: apply 1 patch to the affected area and leave on for up to 12 hours. If pain recurs 8-12 hours after applying the first patch a second patch can be applied. Only 1 patch should be used at any time.
No more than 2 patches per day and not to be used for more than 3 days.
Under 18 years: not recommended.