Scholl Athletes Foot Spray Liquid 150ml (N)

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Scholl Athlete's Foot Spray Liquid 150ml

Scholl Athlete's Foot Spray Liquid 150ml is a topical antifungal for the prevention and treatment of Athlete's Foot. Contains Tolnaftate, an antifungal medication to treat Athlete's Foot Fungi. 

Category: Skin Care and Antiseptics

Manufacturer: RB UK

Prevention and treatment of athlete’s foot.

Tolnaftate 1%w/w


Shake can before use. Point nozzle towards affected area and spray liberally from 10-15cm away twice daily. Continue treatment for 2 weeks after symptoms disappear. If symptoms do not improve within 10 days discontinue treatment and consult a doctor. Not recommended for nail or scalp infections.

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