Scholl Freeze Verruca & Wart Remover

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Scholl Freeze Verruca & Wart Remover

Scholl freeze verruca and wart remover is an effective and easy way to freeze verruca's and warts. After application a blister will form. The verruca or wart will usually fall off within 10-14 days and new healthy skin will grow in its place.

Common wart:
Common warts have a raised "cauliflower-like" appearance and are skin coloured, hard and rough. They usually occur on fingers, the backs of hands and the knees.

Verrucas are more flattened, have hard outer edges and often have small black spots in the centre. They occur on the ball of the foot, the bottoms of the toes, or on the heel.

Features of Scholl freeze verruca and wart remover

• Precise, targeted action 
• Healthcare professional freezing method 
• Scholl has over 100 years of expertise 
• Blister should form and fall off in 10-14 day

Category: Footcare

Manufacturer: RB UK

USES: For the removal of verrucae and warts.

Adults and children over 4 years: following the instructions provided, attach an applicator bud to the white plastic cap. Keeping the can upright press the cap down firmly for five seconds and then remove cap and applicator bud. Wait for 15 seconds, holding the bud pointing downwards, and then apply to the centre of the verruca or wart for a minimum of 30 seconds but no longer than 40 seconds. Do not dab. Discard the applicator after a single use.
Each can comes with 12 disposable applicators.
Under 4 years: not recommended.