Ultra Air Soother Philips Avent - 6 Months (N)

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Ultra Air Philips Avent - 6 Months

Soothe your baby with our Philips Avent Ultra-Air Soother that allows your baby’s skin to breathe. The Philips Avent Ultra-Air Soother was developed to protect sensitive skins. The large holes in the teat plate allow air to circulate around the baby’s skin.
The orthodontic symmetrical design ensures the natural development of the palate, teeth, and gums even if it ends up upside down in your baby’s mouth. Like all Philips AVENT soothers, the Ultra Air Soother is BPA (Bisphenol A) free and won’t absorb any smells or flavors.
Our Sterilisation box allows you to sterilise easily in our Philips Avent Microwave Steriliser.

Respects the natural shape of palate, teeth, and gums: Look after your little one’s oral development with an asymmetrical nipple that respects the natural shape of their palate, teeth, and gums.
Provides the ideal texture for a feeling of comfort: Everything about the ultra-air pacifier is designed to feel light and comfortable, including the silky nipple.
Let’s breathe sensitive skin: Extra-large air holes gently ventilate your baby’s skin to keep it soft and dry.
Gently rests on skin: Its lightweight shield and rounded edges ensure maximum comfort.

Product features:
Keeps baby’s skin soft and dry
Let’s skin breathe with 4 extra large air holes
Rounded edges for comfortable soothing
Sterilise and store in one handy case
Silky nipple for extra comfort
Respects the natural shape of palate, teeth, and gums
Fashionable colours and designs
2 Soothers per pack
BPA Free
Manufacturer reference: ‎SCF080/ 03

What’s in the box:
2 x 0 – 6m soothers